This I Believe

Karla - Ontario, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

i believe to live, laugh, and love then to let things bring you down. i believe in holding on no matter how hard it is and trying your best to still have a smile and be happy. i believe it is never good to mope and be depressed.

i have a past and so does alot of my family. i have been through things that are pretty bad for only being 16. i still hold my head up high and show people the happy go-lucky karla. my life has been turned up-side-down many times. i believe its better to live, laugh, and love than to be sad and live lonely. i believe that laughter can cure any unhappiness.

my mother is a major figure in this. she has taught me to hold my head high and not let things bring me low. my mother dealt with my dad randomly leaving her, my brother, and i and had us move in with her father. she was unemployeed and living in an alien environment. she was constantly stressed. once everything seemed good again when we moved to our own house. i rebelled and made her life worse. i got into things i dont even want to speak of. my mom held her head high, sucked up her tears and sent me to live with the dad that left us before.

every single night she has trouble sleeping. my brother and i are the world to her. so you can imagine how it was for her to let me go. also i did not make it any better. i would beg for her to let me back. i would call her crying saying i hated her and saying it was all her fault. she still held her head high and put a smile on and said it will all be okay in time.

i am now better than ever and it is all because of my mom. she is my hero, i love her so much. we are now closer than i would of ever hoped for. now we dont fight we compromise. i believe that it is healthy to live, laugh, and love.