This I Believe

Michael - chino, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: race

I believe that every race should get along no matter what color your skin is. I believe this because in the world there is alot of hatred especially towards the black population. I dont think there should be hatred because I believe god created everyone to love and to charish each other. There is always people on the street hating each other for something the person did and that is natural, but what isn’t right is to hate someone for what color that person is or what the race ethnicity that person is. In certain countries or states owners of restaurants and stores have signs outside that says blacks not wanted or will refuse service to blacks and me personally I dont think that is right because blacks are the same as everyone. The funny thing is that the whites are colored in a way because when its a hot sunny day white people turn red and when they are sick they turn kinda purple ish so in a way they can also be considered as colored people.