This I Believe

Joan - Plantation, Florida
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in Jimmy Buffett and Katie Couric.

I believe that just thinking about both of them alters my state of mind.

They make me feel happy.

They make me feel like a teenager again.

I believe the world is a much more anxiety-provoking world than the good old days of the fifties and sixties when I grew up jumping out of bed in the morning and whistling my way to school.

I believe we all need the likes of Jimmy and Katie in a world we cannot stop and get off of.

Who can resist a 60 plus hunk who serenades us in bare feet and Bermuda shorts on a cold day in the New York outdoors – flip flops by his side?

Or claims to have a schoolboy heart and nomad feet with wandering toes?

How did I get to be my age and not have experienced Jimmy Buffett’s island music and fun time lyrics?

And Katie – who can deny that Katie Couric has spread more joy for us adult children than a lifetime of Christmases and Santas?

Within 15 years Katie has been just about everywhere anyone would want to travel, interviewed all the major newsmakers and celebrities and along the way had every fun adventure one could wish for.

Is she even 40 yet?

Yes, she has had her setbacks.

But her positive attitude has prevailed and is positively contagious.

Her charm and warmth uniquely her own. Her gummy smile all too genuine.

I recently moved to Florida

And I work from my home office.

Before I begin my day I allow myself a few minutes of the Today Show to check out what the audience is wearing which is my form of the Big Apple weather report.

But I had planned to see Katie’s last show in total which I thought would be the Friday before Memorial Day.

That happened to be when Jimmy B appeared on the show.

My instant reaction was what a joy and who were all these wonderful people going crazy over Jimmy and where can I meet more like them.

Since I wasn’t looking forward to an eventful holiday weekend, I decided to create one.

I immediately went to my local Barnes and Noble and purchased 2 of Jimmy’s cds.

Who was it that said music can heal the soul?

I spent the weekend singing along with Jimmy.

And lo and behold, after checking out his web site, much to my amazement, he even has a Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant right here in town.

I believe in serendipity and this was serendipity to the max.

Now many days I wake up with Jimmy Buffett’s lyrics in my head.

Then my next thought is of Katie.

Jimmy and Katie like Lucy and Desi will always go together for me.

Each day I begin with a prayer that God will fill me with his grace and let me feel his love.

I believe God is nearer with people like Jimmy Buffett and Katie Couric spreading their recipe of joy each in their own way.

This I believe.