This I Believe

Melisa - Pomona, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I believe

I believe in hero’s, many people may think that a hero is a person who is able to make a one hundred yard touch down in football. That’s what some people think that is in their opinion but I think that the real hero’s are those out there defending our country whether it be here in the states or over seas. Hero’s aren’t just people out there that hold the title of an honorable career, but they also have to do it thinking of not only themselves but the lives of innocent people and the live of those working alongside them.

Many of our hero’s are awarded and an award that a war hero receives is the Medal of Honor, that’s when an individual goes above and beyond the call of duty. Those are just some of the few things that help us distinguish a hero. Heroes aren’t only people that receive awards for what they do, they are also people that do things that they know are dangerous but do it for the welfare of others. My hero is my father. He might not consider himself a hero but to me he is. Last year he went to Iraq for a period of seven months as a company Gunnery Sergeant with a new unit. Even though he didn’t engage in a fire fight but, being able to be out there with motors hitting around him some closer than others and being thousands of miles away from home and his family and on top of that he completed his mission successfully with no casualties is something that I would consider a hero. He also served in Dessert Storm in 1991.

People that can do things like that or other things that would help other people, communities, or nations despite circumstances I think is a true hero. Many people might think the reason for people doing their job is wrong, for example the reason our military is overseas. People start saying bad things about them or directly to them but people don’t understand that they’re doing their jobs and if they refuse to do their jobs there are consequences. A lot of those that do say and do bad things to those that serve our country are probably not capable of doing things that they do. That is what I believe, but with all of these men and women that serve our country make our home a better one to live in and make it a safer one as well.