This I Believe

Bien - Chino, California
Entered on June 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Life to Topography

I believe that life is like a topographical map. Topographical maps have varying heights, and so does life. Except in life’s case, it is about happiness rather than heights and altitudes. See, life encompasses features as apexes (felicitous points of happiness), flats (the monotony of daily routine), depressions (misery, disappointment, loss, et cetera), inclines and declines (improvement or aggravation), and so on. Life has been a very harsh maiden, and yet also a tender keeper to me.

A few months back, I felt horrible after losing one of my oldest best friends. I thought he’d never move away, but he did. I felt bad. However, it still felt horrible. But then several days later, I counted my blessings and the friends I still have and moved on. I then made more acquaintances. Now I have more friends than before.

Another example is (spanning several hours than a few weeks) school. School in plain view is monotonous routine. Go to first period, second, then third, then fourth, then… Take a closer look and this plain is as varying as the genres of music I listen to (a lot). First period is art, where my creativity is used to a greater extent than any class. A good amount of company is kept. Mostly consistent with its level of amusement. Second is science, where we break the conventions of handwriting with test tubes and flammable chemicals. Usually amusing. Third is English, where I work the most surprisingly. The titillation is usually consistent, with books with great prospects and ideas to ponder about or bogged with schoolwork. Fourth is physical education, always entertaining, with many acquaintances to keep me company and competition to get me focused. The folderol than ensues during P.E. is always laugh border lining lunacy. Fifth is lunch break. Many people to talk to and many interesting conversations ranging from talks of other’s mothers to the going ons of the progress of the learning of Beethoven sonatas to World of Warcraft™ (ugh). Then sixth is my slump. I never really enjoyed learning math, because it’s always so easy (most of the time). No matter how much I respect the teacher I find myself yawning or lying my head down on my desk. Sometimes I ponder this because I have no friends in this class, probably due to the fact that I am about 2 math levels advanced than the standard. Anyway, math is almost always a bore. Seventh German saves me with its affable attendees. I respect my teacher (though slip sometimes), have many people to talk to, and do almost always engaging activities that actually let you socialize. Now even these have vicissitudes, though the probability of having a good time is higher in certain classes. It is unpredictable but I could hazard a guess by reading my own actions, as they usually affect my day. This now goes to another idea of mine: believe life is a blank map that you map out. There may be some things that are out of your control, but your choices will lead to higher heights. Your indecision and nescience will lead you to pits of something you consider is. Like my little anecdotes, life is a mixed jumble of closed experiments and untamable vicissitudes and how you act according to your circumstance dictates what may happen later on in life.

I shall say this: life is a map, you are the mapmaker, the explorer. You are like God (not to be blasphemous) you make the features, though sometimes make mistakes and make the land a mess of incongruous features.