This I Believe

brittany - chino, California
Entered on June 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

This I Believe

I believe that you can forgive, but never forget. I had the most dramatic year, when I came to high school. I was only fourteen and I thought I was totally in love with this boy. We starting going out in the eighth grade. We were always off and on because he always got with other girls all the time. We always had our problems, just like any relationship. When he messed up on me, he would always come back. That’s why I believe you can forgive, but you never forget. When my birthday came around that is when all the drama started.

During the time me and my boyfriend were going out we always fought. I do not think there was a day where we did not fight. He was so insanely jealous. I could not have any guy friends or even talk to girls. My attention always had to be all eyes on him. It was so horrible. I felted like I had no life. He was just my life. Well one day, the day after my birthday I broke up with him. I just absolutely had it. So the next day at school he would not leave me alone, so I walked away from him. Then something happen that I would have never have expected. My boyfriend hit me right in my back. Everybody found out within the next period and I didn’t tell anybody. All my guy friends wanted to beat him up, but I didn’t want them to because I was so in love with he I didn’t want him to get hurt. That was just the first situation.

As the week went on, he got even crazier he stole my school books from me at school and ran to my house. I went chasing after him because I needed them. When I got to my house we fought and then he started to throw me around. Throw me around on the floor, up against my walls, and then started to choke me. I was so scared I though I was going to die. Then he started to say he was going to kill himself because that’s what I made him do. He just got insanely obsessive. Then the police came because the neighbors heard screaming. The police took him home. I was told that I was never ever to see or be around him ever again.

I was still in love with this boy even after everything he did to me. I could not just let go that quick. As days, weeks, and soon months went by I finally got over it. I haven’t spoken to him in awhile. He finally called me when the summer came. We talk as if nothing had ever happen. Then the subject came up about what happen during that time. I told him how I felt that everyone does deserve a second chance. That is why I told him over the phone “I forgive you about what you did to me, but I will never forget it.”