This I Believe

Ben - Allenton, Wisconsin
Entered on June 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports, work

Pin! Touchdown! Homerun! These are all signals of an opposing team losing. I am 13 years old, and I believe that experiencing loss will lead you to success. I play many sports: baseball, football, track, and wrestling. With the chance to play all of these I am able to prove this to be true. At first when I started to play some of these sports I didn’t realize the point of this saying the first time I was told, but after a few times of hearing this I finally got the meaning. I found that it means when you make a mistake you learn from it and start to improve.

I was at a wrestling meet and my opponent was in need of one point “an escape”. There where 15 seconds left in the match and he broke my grip. We both got up and I shot for his legs. Both of us flew out of bounds. The match was almost over with only 3 seconds left. I shot again for his legs and took him down, and the towel came in. I thought for sure I had the points. I didn’t, but I thought I had him flat on his back. This really stunk. I mean all the guy had to do was to hold his hand up, put up two fingers, and say two points red. I went up into the stands to sit there and be alone. I wanted to do something but what could I do. My dad came up to me and told me that by losing you learn what you can and can’t do. You learn from your mistakes then you will soon learn to win.

Over the years I have learned that the more you practice the better you get and all kinds of stuff like that, but I believe that you learn more from your mistakes. I mean when you’re practicing then you are learning technique, plays, and moves but when you make a mistake and don’t execute your moves correctly you have a better chance of losing the game or match. Then you go back and see what you have done wrong and perfect it. That is why I believe that experiencing loss will lead you to success.