This I Believe

Leonardo - Ontario, California
Entered on June 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe

When I was five I got my hand stuck in the escalator. My parents and I were in a mall shopping for clothes for my aunts wedding. I was trying on some clothes and I was getting board. My parent told me not to leave their sight, but I didn’t listen.

I was walking around when I saw the escalator. I had nothing to do so I started playing with it. The game I made up was called don’t get stuck. I was playing with the black rubber belt that goes in the escalator. I put my hand next to belt, and moved my hand away when it was too close to the hole, were the belt goes in. I did it one more time when I herd my mom calling me. I turned to look to see where she was and just as I looked my hand went all the way in.

All of a sudden you here a scream. My mom knew it was me screaming so she started running towards me. By the time my mom saw me my hand was about half way in. People started looking and calling for help, while my mom was trying to pull my hand out, hoping she wouldn’t see me loose a finger. One of the workers pushed the emergency stop button so my hand wouldn’t go any further, but my hand was not visible.

You can smell the smell of burning flesh in the air. My mom was worried if the fire department wouldn’t come in time. My mom didn’t know what to do, and thinking, if my hand was there any longer would I loose it? She made one quick prayer and pulled my hand out of the escalator.

My hand was bleeding and some of the skin was hanging out. You can see parts of the bone and some of the tissue. When the ambulance came, my dad was there sitting next to me with some tears running down his face. I believe I was going to die or at least loose my hand.

When we got to the hospital the doctor was putting stitches on my hand. I did the best not to cry. I turned to look at my dad and I was just staring in his eyes. My dad could feel my pain and he felt sorry for me. When it was all done my hand had stitch marks and a scar for the rest of my life.