This I Believe

Noela - Montebello, California
Entered on June 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

As my boyfriend and I spent our high school years together, I truly believed that this was it.

Being young and in love. I also believed somewhere deep in my heart that it may just be, too good to be true. As we had our up’s and down’s, I never had the courage to truly state how I felt sometimes. And then the day came, the day he told me he just didn’t love me anymore. I felt that day as if my whole world was crashing all around me. I was devastated. Disheartendly I asked him what the reason could be, why he is breaking all of our promises, and what about me?

After that day, I couldn’t think straight for weeks. I was still in shock of how someone can change over a time period of merely days. But I am here now. Beyond that point in my life. I have realized that there is much more to life than love and romance. Sure, its a great feeling to know you have someone by your side that loves you dearly. But as a 17 year old teenager I am glad I learned this in high school.

I am glad that I went through such heart break at a young age in order to realize that the future holds more for me. It helped me to know that there is so much more I have to accomplish. Accomplishments and achievements are waiting in my future, this I believe.