This I Believe

Anna - Cottage Grove, Oregon
Entered on June 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe in the importance of good food

I believe that good food and happy company can have a healing effect upon people in difficult situations.

Sometimes, when it feels that nothing is ever going to get better, if your mom comes in with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies, things start looking just a little bit brighter. By the time you’re done eating it, you forget all about the bad things and can just concentrate on how good the cookie tastes.

The same goes for people in community kitchens, that healing goes both ways. The people who receive the food get in a good meal, and the people who serve can leave knowing that they’ve done something good to help someone else.

Have you ever felt that all you want to do is just be alone for a while with nothing to worry about? Whenever I feel that way I make up a coup of hot chocolate, grab a book and blanket, find a comfy chair and just immerse myself in the plain happiness that comes from moments like those.

And, of course, what is a movie with friends without popcorn? In many ways that we don’t always understand, food can add to or even complete a day, an hour, or even a moment.

Anything that can make us feel better, or even worse sometimes, can change our world for the better. For example, when I was little my mom tried to get me to eat eggplant and I broke out in a rash. Now I have an excuse not to eat eggplant! You see? Sometimes bad things have to happen to make way for good things!

Food in my opinion is one of the greatest inventions in the history of… well, history! There are so many different kinds from all over the world, it never, goes out of fashion, or just disappears, unless you eat it of course.

Another great thing about food is you can make it yourself! However you want. You can follow a recipe or just make up your own.

Family traditions can be passed down through recipes and food. For example; my family is from Norway, so whenever we gave a family reunion, everyone always brings Leftsah. Many family traditions are based on the food they eat.

Certain foods are often associated with holidays and special occasions. Food is a way of bringing people together.

My favorite thing about food is the variety of different flavors! I know that, wherever I go there will be something new for me to try, and that makes me happy knowing that there is always going to be something special on the next plate.

I believe in the importance of good food. Why? Because that’s one sure way of bringing people together, through their stomachs!