This I Believe

Melanie - Dorena, Oregon
Entered on June 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice

I believe in hidden talents.

I grew up in a small town. I happened to be one of those people that had a lot of friends, but wasn’t very popular. In fact I am quite a nerd. I had glasses, I was tiny and being dwarfed by everyone around me. I loved science. I was absolutely fascinated with biology. Like I said, I was quite a nerd.

I am sure nobody would have guessed I am a Champion Dairy Goat Showman. I’ve raised Dairy Goats for my whole life, even before I was born (my mom showed goats even before I was born.) I know some people would think why would you show a smelly old animal that has a beard and chews on tin cans? Well, I would always answer (very disappointed) that my goats aren’t smelly, scrawny, bearded, tin can eating things. My goats are sleek, shinny, smart, and caring.

Dairy goats are kept for their milk, so they have to be clean or no one would possibly want to drink it.

Even though I’ve been talking about goats, I want you to know that this story does have a purpose. I believe in hidden talents. Just by looking at me, you never would have guessed I was and idol for young dairy goat showman (maybe I am exaggerating a little).

I believe in Hidden talents. I know many people who go through everyday life with people not knowing what they do for fun or work. People need to ask others, don’t assume. That is how life needs to be.