This I Believe

Elizabeth - Fairhaven, New Jersey
Entered on June 6, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family

Why does family hurt you? Why do they change in a matter of seconds? It‚s

almost as if you see another side of them that you‚ve never imagined you

would have to see. Every memory you had and the time that you‚ve spent with

that person seem to fade away. They are just a thing in the past and we

can‚t change the past. It‚s over. He‚s out of my life just like that. I

blink and he‚s not only gone but changed. It hurts to know that family can

do that. How can someone hurt their own children this way? How can you act

in such a manner that leaves your children wondering, „Who is this person?‰

„This isn‚t my dad.‰ Why does one little argument turn into a year and a

half of silence, sadness, anger and questioning? It sucks. It‚s not fare

and it hurts. You don‚t know how to feel or act. You become frustrated and

wish thing were back to the way they were. I feel sad then pissed off. I

can‚t hold on to one emotion because I feel another one coming on. I believe

that your family can damage a piece of your heart. This came to fast and I

wasn‚t ready for it. Not only wasn‚t I ready for it but I didn‚t expect it.

All I can think about is why he did this. Why, Why, Why. How can you love

your kids so much for pretty much their whole lives and one moment do

something that changes all that? What kind of parent is that? Why would he

do this to his own kids? I can‚t say that family is everything because

after this whole experience, I‚ve learned that that‚s not true. It‚s

upsetting to feel this way but its how I feel know after all of this.

People are always saying that your family is so important to you and they

will always be there to help you out and support you, but know I don‚t know

anymore. I don‚t know how to feel. This is what I believe.