This I Believe

Brittany - Ontario, California
Entered on June 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Speaking out is one of the hardest things for me. Whenever I have a problem, I most likely let it sink in until it goes away. But that’s not enough. I want someone to be able to listen to my problems. They don’t even have to put any input, just as long as they are there, right beside me, to listen. I believe that everyone needs a person to talk to; someone who has the patience to listen.

When someone listens to me, it makes me calmer. I got in a fight with my best friend awhile back, and I was filled with so many mixed emotions. I was angry, confused, but most of all I was sad. I did not want our friendship to end because of a stupid fight. I knew if I balled it up inside of me, nothing would get fixed. I decided to speak to my brother about this. I ended up spilling more of the situation than I intended to, including some tears, but my brother listened to everything I had to say. I thought I was doing girl talk and boring him, but he gave me advice on this. I was very calm after this, seeing how everything should work out, and everything did.

I have many opinions and I like to question things. I’m known by my friends and family that I zone out and enter a world of deep thought. For example, I often think about what is after my life; if when I die I’ll be stuck in complete darkness or if my soul will just disappear, or if there is heaven. I don’t go to religious school like I used to, so I can’t get my answers from there. I had to talk about this to someone, anyone. One night, my friend and I were in my jacuzzi. It seemed like the perfect time to bring it up. I looked up at the stars and began. From there, we discussed many thoughts of ours, and questions. Not only did she listen to me, but I listened to her. It was as if we both had to get it out. I was so glad to finally talk about this to someone.

I’ve realized how much help my friends and family are. They listen to my stories, and care for what I have to say. In middle school, I wouldn’t tell my parents everything I felt, like how miserable I was at school and felt left out. Now, though, I know that I can talk to the people around me. They are there for me. Nowadays, I even speak my mind out a little too much. I also like to return the favor by listening to my friend’s, even if I don’t have the best advice, and also my family. Be there for another, and listen to what they have to say because it is amazing how big of a difference you can make.