This I Believe

Kevin - Fort Myers, Florida
Entered on June 6, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: love


I’m not a Baby Boomer; I was actually born during WWII. My father wired LST’s at a Midwest shipyard and after the war opened a booming retail business in our small town with his brother.

My dad and my mom were old school bred, and they raised my sister and I with good, old fashioned discipline and taught us reality in small doses so that as we grew life would all come together and make sense.

Mom and Dad never sat a day in college but made sure that we kids knew the value of higher education and never hesitated to support us as we made our way to our degrees.

But what I have believed from a child to my retirement years all began very early, mostly at my mother’s knee.

I believe that we are all put here to accomplish what we can. We are not born equal, except in our God-given rights to be free to do what we want as long as it does not break the law or diminish the rights of anyone else. Some folks just have more talents than others and some are born to a more comfortable start in life. But we are all pre-destined to be free to be ourselves.

I believe that we all should strive be successful in one way or another, but we are never to get ahead by using those around us as stepping stones to our success. I believe we are the most successful when those with whom we grow up, work with and live around are successful because of our encouragement, inspiration or just not getting in their way.

I believe that we collectively do not know where we came from, why we are here, or where we are ultimately going when we leave this life as we know it. But I further believe that knowing is a human accomplishment, and believing is what separates us from the animals, the minerals and the vegetables. Believing is faith. Faith involves us in a theory, a message, an organized religion, or whatever brings us close to what our belief promises. I believe that faith is only superior to knowledge when it promotes and supports love.

I believe that love is what raises us above all other creatures because it powerfully interacts with others, creates opportunities for understanding with people from foreign lands, and builds the web that holds our families together through generations. Love alone makes us transcendent. Only a religion that nurtures love can carry us beyond the misery we otherwise cause ourselves when left to our own devices.

I believe that strength, and force, particularly in nationalist terms is meaningless, if not harmful, unless tempered with the super-human force of love.