This I Believe

Eichelle - New Berlin,, Wisconsin
Entered on June 6, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe: Everyone has the power to change the world

I believe everyone has the power to change the world. This idea became apparent during the days after the birth of my first child. I pondered what her purpose in life was and how I fit into it? I realized that my actions in her life today would affect who she would be tomorrow. I saw that in having this child, I had made a ripple, a wave, that could affect change in the world.

I have watched waves move across a water’s surface. In every direction, they press down into the depths of the water causing plants to dance, fish to scatter, and grains of sand to shift. I have also watched waves crash into shorelines, destroying everything. In every direction, a single ripple affects change. I realize that in order to be a ripple of change in the world, I must be willing to affect change in my immediate space.

It is easy to see how terrorism and war, like raging storms, affect the world. But I often disregard the smaller actions that can make big differences in the lives of others. Donating time to a local charity or supporting my local public school teachers can have lasting effects.

Every day, I encounter situations that require a reaction from me. The way I react will impact the lives of others. My seemingly insignificant reaction has the potential to damage or to help. Whether it is in the life of a child or in my work, in my interaction with others, what I wear or how I take up space, in what I say or what I don’t, I have, every day, the opportunity to affect the world around me. The choice is mine whether the effect will be positive or negative, chaotic or calm, lasting or forgettable.