This I Believe

Hollie - Milford, Michigan
Entered on June 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

All of us go through life wondering certain things. Some of us find them sooner than others, the rest of us either stumble upon the answers or spend our entire life trying to figure them out. We ask our selves questions like. “…who am I?’ and, “…what do i truley believe in?” Well, for the past couple of years I have been wondering the same thing, and i finally came to a conclusion.

I believe that love conquers all. I might not be able to support this with facts from some scientific group, but i can support it with my beliefs. for being so young, i am just starting off, and will be able to experience love first hand, and who knows, I might be wrapped up in it now. Through out the past couple years I hear adults say things like, “…you’re too young for love…” and, “…I didnt love someone until i met…” Well, first off, I was never told of a specific age that you were capable of love. I also believe that a young adult can love just as much as an older person might be able to.

Secon od all, I don’t think people think entirly when they say thigs like, “…well, I didn’t fall in love until i was 24…” I think this because that is thier life, and they are telling this to another person; people need to be free to live thier own lives . I would completly respect this persons opinion but, I am pretty sure that they didn’t fall in love the same age their parents did because it was the ‘right age’. This, to me, proves that love conquers age.

I also believe that love conquers all material things and money. Some people might say that money can buy happiness, but I only believe that to a certain extent. If you go out an buy a car, of course you’d be happy, I know i would be! But if you think about it, a car will only last so long before you have to buy a new one. Compare that to love. Love is what brings a family together, and what keeps people going. You can’t but family, nor can you buy someone to love.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that completley differ with my opinion, but that’s fine with me. Everyone has their own opinion that should be respected. All in all, I believe that love conquers all, especially age. and i believe that there is no such thing as being ‘ too young for love’. As well as age, I believe that love also brings more happiness than money could possibly, ever. Like I said before, material things only last so long, but a true love for someone whether its family or ‘the one’ can and will alst forever. I also believe of loves strong bond. One good example is the love and devotion that i see my parents show towards each other everyday, rain or shine, whether they are in good or bad moods, and no matter how stupid or serious of a fight that they get into, at the end of the day, they always tell each other that they love each other. Love conquers all, this i believe.