This I Believe

Stanislav - Briarcliff Manor, New York
Entered on June 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

The need for competition

In a world today where mediocrity is praised, and everybody is equal, I believe in friendly competition. The founding basic of the greatest nation in the world has been competition. The competition to become the most technologically, economically, and socially advanced nation on the face of the planet.

Competition makes life more interesting. When I was born my father had one wish for me, it wasn’t to be smart, or physically superior to others. My father’s one wish was for me to be competitive. I believe that every man and woman of any and all race and religion can unite under this one belief: Competitiveness flourishes into intellect and talent. The desire to fight to become better, smarter, and/or faster than another person is the only non-scientific constant in this universe. A world without competition is equal to a person without a job, a family without a child, an animal without instinct. The will to achieve has persevered people through harsh times since the beginning of time.

There can be many views and takes on competition. I believe in a world where a friendly fight can make both sides better, I believe in a world where competition is not interpreted as a forceful or violent action, I believe in a world where everyone can argue and maintain friends after that argument. This is what makes America great. We hardly ever agree and we argue until our skin turns blue, but we never forget that at the end of the day we are part of the human race, standing united. I believe in an argument between a republican and a democrat ending in a handshake and a hug with no bitter feelings left towards each other. I believe in a fight over a girl that leaves both participants stronger people and closer friends. Competition is supposed to unite human beings because it is our one common uniqueness.

I believe in a world where fighting is not a bad action. A human race rid of weapons, rid of hate, rid of fear and murder towards each other. I believe in an arms race that doesn’t involve destructive weapons but instead is led by a will to learn of new peaceful and helpful devices and ideas to benefit all. While some lose and others win, everyone learns something new to benefit themselves. I believe in a person who isn’t afraid to lose, a person who isn’t afraid to try, a person who isn’t afraid to be who he are, a person who competes for what he desires without hurting another person. I believe in winners and losers as long as the loser knows they are a winner in their hearts and minds, because nobody succeeds unless they fail.