This I Believe

Keith - Johnson City, Tennessee
Entered on June 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

I can’t even begin to count the number of religions that have existed through history.

I can say, with unwavering certainty, that I have changed my mind at least an infinite number of times.

I have caved into peer pressure.

I have been completely humbled by the maturity of a teenager.

I have seen one of the stupidest human beings alive become President of the United States.

I have lived through a genuine war… of harsh feelings… and nuclear arms.

I have seen planes flown into the buildings of downtown Manhattan while people sat with their seat belts securely fastened and their tray tables in the up-right and locked position.

I have seen a dog risk its life to save a child.

I have been a vegetarian that felt guilty for forcing all the pain I inflict with my eating habits on those that cannot scream.

I have heard that dried fruit is better for you than regular fruit.

I have seen the apex of technological evolution and am currently witnessing its decent into stupidity.

I have sat through an hour long meeting that accomplished nothing.

I am in love.

I have finally figured out the apostrophe rule.

I have realized that I missed my calling in life… and I’m actually doing something about it.

I have eaten a hamburger that contained the meat of over 1000 different cows.

I have discovered the wonders of alcoholic beverages.

I have seen a portion of United States Treasury Department document that defines tax base erosion control as tax increase.

I have seen the poorest people in the world offer everything they have to rich tourists stranded by a tsunami. I then saw those same tourists abandon the people they owe their lives to.

I have seen an idiot stick his head into the mouth of an alligator and then look surprised when the alligator bit him.

I have seen AIDS become a money-making industry.

I have seen Britney Spears get chubby.

I have been witness to a lot of peculiar things in my day and will surely witness a few more before my time comes to pass. The only thing that is clear is that I have no idea what is going on here and I’m quite alright with that. It’s been fun this way… scary, but fun. This, I believe… well, at least I think I do.