This I Believe

Paul - Sleepy Hollow, New York
Entered on June 6, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Music’s Muscle

After seventeen years of living in my own skin, I’ve been able to observe the ins and outs of my own complex system of thoughts and emotions. My inner conscience has unraveled into plain sight, almost like seeing the aerial view of a maze. I’ve realized that irrational fears, thoughts, and inhibitions are nothing more than insignificant mental blocks that can be easily brushed aside.

This concept is the foundation of a separate idea that I have great conviction in. Essentially, I believe in the power of music. I believe that music has the ability to, when executed appropriately, make drastic alterations in a person. It is capable of changing something as small as a person’s mood to something as significant as his or her life. It’s all in the interpretation.

After listening to a slow ballad, don’t you feel soothed and calm? And if you listen to pounding, driving techno, don’t you feel wound up and energized? People experience this phenomenon almost everyday, but the magnitude of it goes vastly underappreciated. A work of art that can literally alter a person’s mood completely: this is truly a stunning display of power.

I believe that music is life changing. It can inspire. It can create. It is, in essence, the seed of ingenuity and creativity. Music is able to put the listener in such a state where all their energy can flow into one innovative current of both conscience and subconscious thought. I can personally trace most of my creative writing pieces back to a single song that sparked that initial burst of inspiration. Without music, it is almost certain that many great works or literature and art would never have been created at all.

I believe that music has much to teach. I believe that it advocates an overall idea of acceptance and appreciation of diversity. In the literally hundreds of types and styles of music, there is plenty of room for a listener to explore and experiment. This very basic concept has a much wider underlying meaning. Even the simple act of music choice, is the very beginning of the subconscious expansion of diversity.