This I Believe

Murray - Missoula, Montana
Entered on June 2, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: pleasure

Ode to Greens

I believe I love greens.

Actually, I believe I loves me some greens.

I love the history of sustenance, how they satisfied the souls of my ancestors

Who needed energy to complete the day’s work only to repeat the task again

Tomorrow. I believe in a real way, they looked forward to greens and greens had their back.

I love the sinewy, cable-tight fibers that lock in the luscious flavor I savor and hide

The treasure soon to be borne forth from heat

I love choppin’, slicin’, mincin’, dicin’, and all other “in’s” which help to

Bring this culinary dream to fruition.

I love ‘em with fatback, salt pork, bacon, ham hocks, spicy beef and pork butt

I love them sautéed, boiled, steeped, braised, and there is something most

Sexy about greens in the raw. Yea honey. Greens au naturel.

gimme my greens butt naked!

Oh, testify, testify

I’m cool on collards, Krazy for kale, must have mustards, love to turn up turnips, and believe you me, watch me put the spin on some spinach.

I love the time it takes to draw out the essence of their bounty. It’s like learning to make good love to a woman. Anything this good must take time. I believe the man with the slow hand has the righteous plan

I love how a whole

Lot becomes a whole little, lickety split.

If greens be Frankenstein, then surely onions, garlic, pepper, and lord help, the ubiquitous pot liquor must stand as Mary Shelly, author of this classic concoction.

“Pot liquor” say it out loud to yourself! Yea, you know what I’m talking about.

How can something so ugly be so beautiful? I ask that rhetorically in that the answer is

In the askin’ … I believe greens, my brother, is the sound of one hand clappin’

This above all else, I Believe