This I Believe

Hayley - Vista, California
Entered on June 2, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question

My first moment of spiritual enlightenment occurred at age 11 when I went to see Peter Pan at the Starlight Amphitheater. Ever since performing in the Moonlight Amphitheater production of the show, my childhood dream had been to play the role of Peter Pan and to fly on that giant stage under the stars. On this particular night, there was a raffle that would award this very prize to one lucky person: a chance to fly onstage like Peter Pan after the show. All of my friends encouraged me to buy a ticket, knowing that this would be my dream come true. Seconds before they came onstage to announce the winner of the raffle, time seemed to stop, and I just knew that I was about to win. As my name echoed throughout the amphitheater, it felt as if my entire life had been confirmed, not just because my dream had come true, but because this moment had confirmed my belief that good things happen to good people.

I truly believe that, in life, everything happens for a reason. I believe that people have the ability to fulfill their own destiny and to achieve greatness, even in seemingly insignificant ways in everyday life. I believe that it is acceptable not to have all the answers, and that by embracing the unknown, I can benefit from exploring every possibility rather than accepting what I consider to be fact. I believe that I have the right to make the most out of my own life, and this can only be possible when I am able to gaze at the world with unbiased eyes and a rational mind.

My adolescence has been a period of philosophical and spiritual development. As I grow older, I am able to look back and see how I have benefited from not being restricted to the gospel of only one philosophy or faith. I am sure that throughout the rest of my life, I will continue to change my views and develop new ideas. I believe that it is impossible to have one right answer to anything involving my spirituality or beliefs, and that I should have the freedom to decide on my own based on the knowledge and experiences that I continue to gain throughout my life.

Regardless of what philosophy or religion I have chosen to explore, my life until this point has revealed a trend that proves the strength of destiny and the idea that everything happens for a reason. This trend consists of times of uncertainty scattered with moments of confirmation of my faith in some kind of higher power that continues to guide me. There is nothing more rewarding than those unlikely moments of epiphany when I am able to step back from my life and feel happy in knowing that I am on the right path.