This I Believe

Stephen - Glendale, Missouri
Entered on June 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

When I was growing up I was surrounded by music. The Beatles and Van Morrison when I was with my dad, anything on the oldies station when I was with my mom, and whatever the latest music was when I was with my siblings. I quickly developed a strong hatred towards silence, except of course on Tuesday mornings when Irish music was available on the radio, and on those days I developed a great appreciation for personal cassette players. Eight years later my mom has grown out of Irish music and into books on CD, and I’ve moved onto MP3 players and personal car stereos.

When I was 14 I began to suffer from a small case of depression. Like most teenagers, I kept quiet about it. However, as the problem grew bigger I found less and less ways to cope with it. Finally I got tired of being alone and decided to go hangout with some of my best friends: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, and whoever else was packed in that black leather CD case. I didn’t say a word; instead, I let them do the talking, and honestly it made me feel a whole lot better. I could relate to them, and I understood exactly what they were trying to communicate. It took some time, but after meeting with daily I figured out who I was and what I’m supposed to do in life. Having the answers to my questions made me happy.

Since then I’ve lost a few of those friends, and i’ve gained a few as well. Music is like my security blanket, it protects me at all times. Music like Keller Williams or Ben Harper to listen to when I’m happy, and music like HIM or Nirvana to listen to when I’m mad. I believe that music is a medicine; with the proper doses any pain can be relieved. and with all the different types of music offered in today’s world there is always a type of music I can relate to. If I take the time to lay down and just listen to the lyrics I always get the same feeling, relaxation and understanding.

Although depression has left my life, I have not stopped taking the medicine for it, nor do I plan to stop any time soon. Since the day I was born music has rang through my ears, and it will continue to ring till after i’m dead. So to all the past, present, and future musicians; I thank you for your everlasting contributions to society, and I leave you with these words… keep on rockin’.