This I Believe

Donna - Beverly, Massachusetts
Entered on June 1, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50


and the reasons for her seasons

I believe that :

Mother Nature was menopausal

while creating our changing seasons

her emotional state

determined our fate

and here are the clinical reasons

With hot flashes she thought up summer

high eighties and muggy, no breeze

She was puffy and flushed

while creating the stuff

in pollen, that triggers a sneeze

While neurotic and tired

she was inspired

to mix dandelions with grass

low levels of estrogen

I’m sure that was when

she said that summer should pass

It was maniac elation

behind her creation

of our colorful fall

and it is my belief

while desperate for relief

she dumped the snow over all

As her hormones adjusted

it’s a fact to be trusted

mother nature wanted to sing

after much therapy

she dressed every tree

and created a beautiful spring

So as seasons get pathetic

please be sympathetic

and just remember the cause

be patient and kind

to ALL women you find

going through menopause