This I Believe

Ben - Salem, VA 24153, Virginia
Entered on May 31, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Everything you need to know about life can be found on “The Price Is Right”

You can learn everything you need to know and more from “The Price Is Right”. From years of hard studying as a child and many more days when I was home sick from school, I have the ideas behind “The Price Is Right” down to a science. The show has three basic lessons, and they tell you all you need to know about life.

Observation 1: When you win something, jump up out of your seat, shimmy out of your row, and run down the isle screaming and giving “high fives” to people you don’t even know.

Lesson 1: This shows me that when something good happens to you don’t just think, “Yeah that’s pretty cool,” but instead live in the moment. When you get the chance and have an excuse to make a fool of yourself, take it because they only come around once a morning on the weekdays at 11:00 for a few lucky individuals.

Observation 2: Once Bob has told you, you have won, always say thank you with a kiss, a big hug, or the macho over exaggerated hand shake.

Lesson 2: Whenever you are given something, always say thank you to the person who gave it to you. This not only shows respect but it also shows that you were brought up well.

Observation 3: When you go to “The Price Is Right” make sure you wear a big tacky t-shirt with random things written on them saying where you are from and what you are into right now. Or wear one that tells Bob how much you love him and want to meet him.

Lesson 3: Always represent where you are from, because when things fall apart that is the one place you can always run back to. Always remember your roots or your origin. Then if you have the shirt devoted to Bob, this is saying I am going to do everything I can to win, even sucking up to the host. That shows me that when you devote yourself to something or promise to do something, you must do everything in your power to succeed at it.

These three truths help me get through the day. The three things I live by are to live in the moment, always thank someone when given something, and remember your origin. But at the end of the day there is one truth that has been burned into the head of every true “Price Is Right” fan, and that is to “Help control the pet population, so have your pets spade or neutered.”