This I Believe

Nathan - Vista, California
Entered on May 31, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in tradition. My belief in tradition began when I was younger my father got me to watch the movie fiddler on the roof because he said its an important movie. So I watched it and I enjoyed how in Anatevka there existed tradition. My childhood admiration for lives based strongly on tradition became more developed as I got older and was more able to see the importance of tradition. Being a human being I find comfort in repetition and therefore held tradition very dear however In today’s society people drift further from a traditional life and instead of having their personal lives revolve around habitual events they personalize their life so that their life can revolve however they want to. I feel however that many traditions are needed because there exist many similar experiences that every human being goes through. Everyone needs to eat for instance and it is somewhat traditional that families eat together and also that they have three daily meals, however families can hardly find the time to eat together and the three daily meals turn into whenever someone can find time to get some fast food. This is why it is such a shame that traditions are fading because it will lead to isolated lifestyles. For that reason it is very important to me to keep many traditions in my life and while I cannot say I have three daily family meals, I do have dinner every night with my father and no matter what I have to do I am home at 6 30 to eat and talk about my day. Life is faced with many obstacles that everyone encounters and therefore it is important to already have a method for how to tackle these problems. When I am older and I have a child I know I will tell them to watch fiddler on the roof because it is an important movie and you know why because its tradition!