This I Believe

Shawn - Fresno, California
Entered on May 31, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: immigrant


I believe it is unethical to send eleven million illegal immigrants back to their home countries. Rounding up all of the immigrants in the United States would strain our economy and create opposition of the U.S. by other countries. America should be eager to create a system to approve the immigrants , before we tend to the immigrants still to come.

At school, months ago, a group of hispanic students would not show up for school. Their legs and city bus passes ready for a day of movement. Anger flaring in their eyes, no doubt influenced by their parents in some way, they would travel to downtown in search of a resolution to this disagreement. Prepared for the possible persecution that may be their destiny, only to voice their opinions; to be heard.

I sit in school, the obvious protesters in full force somewhere on the city streets, their seats as desolate as the world today. I imagine them in a crowd, as full of life as the world also somehow is today. They must be gushing with political excitement, just as I wish to one day be. I begin to dream of the life I will have, creating my career, home, and even my neighborhood. This seems as out of reach as a toy a mother has taken from a child, high on a shelf waiting for another day of play.

I do, however, realize the reality that these things may never happen. I return to the world today, where I realize how my laziness interferes with my goals. I pretend, again like a child, that I was born a Mexican. I turn myself into an immigrant with as much work ethic as a millionairre may have had before his riches. I am staring at a report card with A+ six times, in succession, and I realize I am not an immigrant. I do not share their work ethic, I do not know of their hardships, and I do not know what it is like to be in their position.

I am again in school, chairs empty of the obvious protesters, silence, anger, and sadness. I can’t believe I once felt I was better than these people, I can now only feel ashamed of myself. I think to myself again how I now believe it is unethical to send 11 million hardworking, courageous, struggling illegal immigrants back to their home countries .