This I Believe

Darian - Daly City, California
Entered on May 31, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose, question

The Game of Life

I believe life is a game, I can either win or lose. I can’t control life, but I can affect it by doing positive or negative actions. To me there is no destiny, but I do believe in fate. My life is not set and my actions will make a difference in it. The outcome of my actions will change my fate.

Life should be taken seriously because if I make one wrong move my life could end early and I will lose the game of life. Some bad moves that could affect my fate are things like drugs. Now with drugs like cigarettes can be very harmful because I have seen images of a healthy lung and a damaged lung, which looked like burnt cake. I personally knew someone who smoked cigarettes and died from it and that person was my grandfather. Since I it was so long ago my memories are faint, but I do remember some of the great time we had that involved a lot of happiness. Then one day I was told that he had past away due to lung cancer because he smoked a lot, he was 70, and I guest it caught up to him. His death taught me how a wrong action can make me lose the game of life and this was when I made the decision to not smoke.

Another negative action that can end the game early is alcohol. I have heard all the things it can do the body, physically and mentally. I have seen all of this in person one time when I went to a Giants game. The Giants were going the clinch the NL Wild Card and while I was getting food a man drops his shades down twenty feet down to the sidewalk. So I glanced at the average Joe who had brightest red face placed his drink on the floor and yelled something like “I got ‘em” in a slur. This drunken man all of a sudden thinks he spider man and he can climb down to receive the shades. First he climbs over the railing and slips doing that and once he made it over he tries to gain balance on a light post. Once he found footing he lost his balance and fell hitting the sidewalk, head first, at that moment I made the decision not to drink alcohol because it would have been a negative action that would make me lose the game of life.

As long as I am happy life will be good. Except I do believe in life cannot be good without pain or suffering. Also if I treat someone with kindness I hope it will be returned back to me. These are the ideas need for a good life.

I believe the understanding of life occurs at the end of it. At that time I will be able to look back on my life and review it. If had done the things I wanted to do like goals and if I am happy on how it turned out then I have won the game of life. This I believe.