This I Believe

Robert - Baltimore, Maryland
Entered on May 31, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I am a 51 year old man with a G.E.D. education. MY Grandmother taught me the secret to life by example. GOD put us here on earth for one purpose, service to mankind and submission to GOD. You have got it right when you live only to help someone or others every chance you get. the more you do for others the more GOD does for you. The more you give freely to others the more GOD gives to you. I don’t believe that we are here to help ourselves to anything. I believe that GOD gives us things to give to others and then we will have choices to make do I keep it for myself or do I give it away. I believe the more you give away. the more you get to keep. I believe if you can’t give your last all the time, you don’t understand why we are here. Looking out for #1 is selfish, who can’t do that.