This I Believe

Tarun - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Entered on May 31, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Constant laughter was coming from every direction. Many times had I faced such laughter and humiliation, as friends mocked my size. I listened, growing tired and infuriated at the laughter, but I could do nothing.

People all over the globe face this problem. They are mocked because of some lack of talent, because of their physical characteristics, or because of their personality.

I remember how I reacted to such events. There was so much anger, and I constantly had a feeling for some sort of revenge. I thought that I would become better than everyone else, so then I would be able to bring them down. Like everyone else, I have always wanted to make a mark in the world.

Such feelings have inspired me to write this essay. I believe that the smallest thing can create a chain reaction. This chain reaction is much like those in nuclear bombs, creating an explosion that will change the world for ages to come. If one person helps one person, that person can help another person, and so on. Through this, every person has some sort of part on planet Earth.

When I was first looking for ideas, a person suggested writing about what I would like to do when I grow up. I have always wanted to be a doctor, believing that it would bring a great feeling to help people when I grow up. In the same way, many other occupations affect the way the society works. For example, teachers provide knowledge and wisdom, no matter if they are liked or not. Engineers build vehicles, construct buildings, and create life-changing innovations.

In literature, this topic had been discussed in many forms. One case of this is in the satire Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley. In this novel, a character named John comes from an area called the Savage Reservation into a new world known as the World State. He sparks a wave of interest in the robotic-like citizens of the area with his Native American rituals. This shows how one person who had different beliefs, different values, and a different upbringing caused an enormous uprising. John created a conflict between the society of consumerism prevalent in the World State and his Shakespearean thoughts.

As one thinks about their life, they can realize that they create such a chain reaction everyday. Wishing somebody “good luck” or saying “hello” can spread feelings of kindness. Anger can spread negative feelings. One could donate items to charities. Voting in a presidential election or simply supporting one candidate can impact the world and spread awareness. Students could do their homework and listen in class, which will prepare them for more success in the future, allowing them to benefit the world.

I look at my life and realize that I do many of these things everyday. By following one’s dreams, the youngest and smallest person can create a chain reaction to change the world forever. This, I believe.