This I Believe

Eloise - Culver, Indiana
Entered on May 31, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe the American society does not protect its youth.

My best friend Lauren has never grown up in a good home. When we were younger she was often neglected and abused. Freshman year of high school things got pretty rough for her. It was possibly the worse abuse she had ever faced. She had moved in with her dad because her mother had kicked her out. She got in a lot of trouble with the law so her mom got fed up with it and sent her to live with her father.

Her dad was a 45 year old pot head, drunk, and I would personally describe him as psychotic. She told me stories about the abuse; the one that hit me hardest was the one where he held a gun to her head for 15 minutes yelling at her. She said he was drunk when he did it, not to make that sound like an excuse.

Eventually it got out what was happening to Lauren and the government child protection, Defax took so called actions. They came interviewed her and him and found out that the drug abuse was true through a drug test but still declared there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him for anything.

Positive events evolve from negative ones. The negative of my story is that society is not protecting its youth. Why I don’t know. But the positive is that although life is full of turbulence, if you live for you by you life will be yours. Dependence on people is a state of mind not the truth of life. As a society we can not depend on other people to protect us. I believe all you have in life is yourself. So my word of advice, become your own best friend because in the end you are the only person you need to survive.