This I Believe

Blakely - slc, Utah
Entered on May 30, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Beauty in all things

I believe that there is beauty in all things. Has the saying “you never see the same sunset twice” ever been spoken to you? I never realized how true that saying is until recently. Each day seems to go by faster than the one before. Seasons change in the blink of an eye, and everything that’s “normal” isn’t so normal anymore, I never have time to appreciate the beauty of this life. Some things seem so patterned and repetitive, that you just do them and don’t think about them. Life is so fast and the days get so busy, I’ve come to realize that to see the beauty I must slow down and truly appreciate every breath I take.

Sitting at my house one weekend night, I watched t.v. as bored as can be. Thinking of what things everyone else is doing, or what I’m missing out on, the night seems so long and so old. On weekends my grandma comes to stay. Out of obeying my parents and feeling obligated to stay for her, I sat there on weekends all grumpy.

Every week flew by like a fast train, and then weekends would come and so would grandma. I just went on as if it was normal, not appreciating or seeing how wonderful it was to have this time to spend with her.

Crying, I found myself a few weekends later, as the weekend came and grandma didn’t. This was such a change in my life, for so long, she had been at my hous on weekends. Without a change, that’s just how it always was. It was then, that I realized how truly amazing and beautiful every single day of life is.The sunset quote was filling my mind like a flood.

There wasn’t a day the same? That is what makes life so sweet, is that it will never come again, that no smile is ever the same, no matter how many times you look at the beautiful mountain, or lake, or ocean, it is never ever exactly the same. No I strive to pattern my life in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “ Never loose an opportunity of seeing anything that’s beautiful”., and that something beautiful is every day life