This I Believe

Steven - Merriam, Kansas
Entered on May 30, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in the wonders of chaos. Chaos, as defined, is a dynamic system that has sensitive dependence on the initial and all following events. This is not a theological belief. This belief is based upon Murphy’s Law, SNAFU and all other events that prove chaos. I believe in the potential for a hurricane in Kansas as much as the potential for drought on an ocean island. I believe the next president could be the best president or the worst president the United States has ever had.

Chaos is not a difficult belief to embrace. Each day billions of people awake, eat, breathe, do many different things and then sleep again. Many of them will give birth or potentially die. Some will kill or hurt another, while others get hurt or or are killed. Some of the deaths will be expected, others completely unexpected. Some will decry the unexpected deaths, Others will question the purpose of unexpected deaths. The attempt to place reason on the unexpected death is like placing reason on why one person won the lottery while the next person who bought a ticket did not.

I believe all life is sacred, but all life ends. I believe my life has value, but what belief other than chaos could predict that I will live to 90 versus dying in the next five minutes, or not dying in the previous life threatening events of my life.

The enemies of a chaos belief are conspiracy and predestination. Those who want conspiracy or predestination in their life want order and reason. Why are there not dodos, dinosaurs, and a living John Lennon if not for the random events of chaos. Were dodos and dinosaurs destined to be used as examples for extinction? Was it planned that there would be a obsessed fan who would kill a notable songwriter/performer? Those who want an answer for everything cannot handle the wonders of chaos. It was not evil that killed the dodos, it was ignorance. It was not planning that killed the dinosaurs to allow the ascendance of mammals and in turn primates and humans, it was potentially a large asteroid strike.

It is easy to believe man is the top of the development pyramid. I believe this is where chaos reigns. I believe man contributes to the variables of chaos. Pollution, war, disease or an unplanned solar event could eliminate human life as we know it. Human centric beliefs discount the potential for any successor. Given time and development, the cockroach or the common rat could be the successor to man.

I believe the most wonderful belief of chaos is choice. I believe each step or action is unique and unplanned. There is no hidden cabal that controls the strings of the world. I believe our actions and choices along with the random external event gives us the joy or pain of life. Some have a long life of joy, others have a short life of pain and sorrow, such is chaos.