This I Believe

Dennis - Maytown, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 30, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life, as it is understood through the eyes of man, is a vast collection of moments and fragments of meaning. When you observe all of these moments from beginning to end, a pattern may emerge. When you study every fragment of meaning in your life, you may arrive at the conclusion that there is some purpose behind it all, and it may very well be the key to your life.

While there may be purpose behind our lives and some deeper meaning might be waiting for us just beneath the surface, we should not look for it. Few are those who have understood their true place in the world and even fewer have been able to act on that knowledge. If there is a god that put us on this Earth, it was not to search for heavenly motivation. We were put here to live our lives to their fullest.

Mankind has a destiny, but it is not predetermined. If man is able to put war behind him, feed the starving, heal the sick, and transform the world around him into a better place, then this destiny is limited only by the outer reaches of our most imaginative minds. If man is unable to stop the fighting, if we cannot take care of those at the bottom of our society, if the sick are left to die in their own way then this world will become stagnate and the earth itself will begin to rot.

Our purpose, though we should not look for it, is very much real. Humanity is but a vessel for this purpose. And in the end, when all is evaluated, it is what we did with the time we had that will make all the difference. If we are able to defeat disease and misery, we may find that we are the very gods that we have worshiped for so long.