This I Believe

Craig - Spokane, Washington
Entered on May 30, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

**There are five separate essays included, written by different students!

Treating Poor People with Respect

By Molly

Teacher: Mr. Potter

I believe that we should be kind to poor people, rich people, or just plain people like you and me. I mean, we are not rich, we are not poor, but we are the same in lots of ways.

I believe that it doesn’t matter if a friend has money. It matters that they are good friends. If you have a friend that is poor, you should still be friends with them. Even though they might not have nice clothes, they are still nice. It matters what kind of friend you are on the inside.

I would like for people to not be mean to poor people. Just because they are poor does not mean that they are not nice. They can do everything we can do. I think that everybody should be able to get the same job.

We are all the same people still do not treat people with respect. The homeless people are poor and unhealthy. So many people don’t treat them with respect. Would you like to help the homeless by helping the poor people’s kids to go to school? Then the kids can make good choices in life.

The Truth is Better Than Telling a Lie.

By Samantha

Teacher: Mr. Potter

This I believe: telling the truth makes you a more likeable person.

First, it feels good to tell the truth. Telling the truth will get you in to less trouble. The truth will make people believe they can trust you. The truth will make people be honest with you.

Second, telling the truth is about doing your best. Doing your best will get you better grades. The truth will get you more friends. For example, I told someone that I was sorry, and they forgave me.

Third, people like you more when you tell the truth. People will hang out with you more when you tell the truth, but if you tell the truth to much you will lose your friends. You will be invited to places more. For example, I told someone about a new place that she could have her birthday party at and she invited me.

Finally, not only will the truth make people like you more, it makes you a better person.

I believe in nature

By Shelby

Teacher: Mr. Potter

When I walk in to the forest I feel calm whether I am happy or sad, I become calm.

One time I was walking in the forest. I almost fell asleep under a tree.

I like to listen to the birds chirping, the wind blowing the trees, and the grass flowing through the wind. I love to listen to all of that.

It makes me fell like I am dreaming. It is as sweet as a honey stick. I like to look up in the sky and watch the eagle fly.

My favorite part of if all is lying in the green, green grass and smelling the beautiful sweet flowers.

What would it be like if there were no plants or animals? Horrible! No wonderful flowers, no horses to ride on trails. I am glad we have the animals and plants. People should not tear done trees because it kills animals.

Playing Fair in Sports

By Luke

Teacher: Mr. Potter

I believe in playing fair in sports. If you don’t play them fair; you could get kicked off a team; you could injure somebody; you can get find; you can get disqualified.

Second; you could get kicked out of the game. One day when I was playing football at recess and the other team kept stiff-arming when they weren’t supposed to. So the person that did it the most got kicked off the team and could not play for the rest of the day.

One day my dad and I were watching football on TV. One guy was running the ball and then a guy from the other team clotheslined him. The guy that was running the ball got injured badly. the guy that did it to him got fined.

When you are honest in sports you might have more friends; your team will trust you in a game; and it feels good to know you played fairly. I feel good when I know I played fair. I think everybody should play fairly. Playing fair helps to keep players safe and makes the game even.


Being Equal

By Catelyn

Teacher: Mr. Potter

I believe girls should be treated the same as boys. About 80-100 years ago girls were treated horribly, it has not changed very much.

A few days ago I was playing 4 square. All the boys wanted the girls to leave, so they ganged up on us. All the girls new it wasn’t fear. We kept playing our best and our hardest. We didn’t give up.

It’s the 21 first century. Girls happen to be in the Navy, Army Marines, fire departments, and they are Police officers. Girls were only aloud to cook, clean, sing, and dance. They also were only aloud to wear dresses and skirts Life should be equal. Girls are just like boys.

In the future I hope girls should be treated the same as boys. I hope that every one is friendly to each other. I hope girls and boys play together as friends even if it is jump rope or football. They are both very fun to play.

I believe that girls shouldn’t be treated differently than boys. I believe girls shouldn’t get bossed around. You should treat people the way you want to be treated. This I believe!