This I Believe

Ashley Thomas - st. louis, Missouri
Entered on May 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that everyone should have a person who shows them love because loves makes a person strive for a better life. By having a person who shows love makes me know I am someone who is important in the world. If I did not have anyone who showed me love, then I would feel that I do not have anything to live for.


Being a person and feeling like a person are two different things. By me being loved helps me feel like I’m an important citizen in the world. I do not have to be Oprah or Bill Gates just to feel like a person. Because I receive someone’s love which helps me realize I do not have to be a famous person to feel like an important person. I speak my voice to show everyone I am someone valuable in the world that every individual can benefit from. At the end of the day I always feel important in the world because there is somebody who is by my side who shows me all their love.


Living a good life just because that is the right thing to do is great, but living a good life because I know I have someone to live for is even better. When I think about the people who show me love they make my life even better, because I work harder at my daily tasks because I understand I have a reason to live for. When I go to work, school, and do my daily tasks I strive for a better life because I know I have someone to make happy because they show me their love. Everyone should be able to wake up, and complete their daily tasks knowing they have a person who shows them love.


I realized sometimes love is harder to receive than it is to give. But every individual should have at least one person who demonstrates all their love to them, so everyone can believe they are a recognized citizen. Whatever a person might live for is because one individual showed them their love.