This I Believe

Brittanie - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice

To Bitch or Not to Bitch

Female teenagers are often referred to as “bitches” in today’s society. Although this word is appalling to the virgin ear, it has become a word that defines the new female movement. A bitch is “a malicious, bad-tempered, or aggressive woman” (Webster’s New World College Dictionary) and has become a negative connotation for women that have been dubbed this label. However, this label has adapted into a way of life that women strive to become. Women who are considered a “bitch” portray a more dominating role, and this role allows women to think and act on their own without the assistance of men and this is what I believe.

As a young female in the year of 2006, I have often been called a “bitch” because of the decisions that I have made. For example, when a guy approached me about a possible date in the future, in a pleasant tone I responded “no thank you.” Later that evening I found that I was dubbed the “Biggest Bitch” because I refused to go to the movies. It was not until a couple of months and a conversation later, I realized that he was intimidated by the answer that I had given him because this was not a usual reaction for him. He told me that even though I didn’t give him the answer that he wanted to hear, there was great amount of respect for me because I was not like most girls that are influenced by others. I should not be blamed for people who become self-conscious because their feelings are hurt when I choose to stand firm in my beliefs. When I was given the title “bitch”, there was a sensation of power because I did not conform to the expected actions because of my gender.

When women do not act feminine (who are stereotypically prissy and dependent of men) but instead they choose to become more independent, and demanding of men they become a “bitch.” In this case women are depicted as aggressive females, whom emulate characteristics of a man because they can be considered blunt, arrogant and strong-minded. Women of this nature have no limitations for their aspirations because their minds are constantly set on what they want to do and how they will execute their plan of attack. Over the years, women have molded the word “bitch” into a sophisticated woman who gets what she wants.

Who can say that being a “bitch” makes someone less of a woman because they choose to make their own decisions? Every woman wants to become this strong-minded individual that answers to herself and no one else, a woman who controls the end results of her life, and has the right to say no. I will say it loud and proud that I am a beautiful bitch and will always be.