This I Believe

Shannon - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, setbacks


I believe that all kids deserve a dad, not just a father. So what’s the difference between a dad and a father? A father is something every child has. He’s where children get half their DNA from, and if they’re lucky, a little financial support. A dad is a little harder to come by. A dad’s relationship with his child is more emotional.

Unfortunately, I have a father. My father lives 3 blocks away, and I see him once a week. When I was in elementary school, my father had an affair with another woman while he was still married to my mom. After my mom found out, he walked out and never came back. Later, they got a divorce, but my brother and I were forced to spend one night a week with him. Back then, we didn’t understand why he left us. We thought he didn’t love us, but in reality, he couldn’t have cared about us too much to leave us like that. He left my mom with the burden of raising two kids by herself while working full time. I will never be able forgive him for everything he did. I had to listen to my mom cry in her room at night behind closed doors alone. She cried because she was scared that she couldn’t be two parents to my brother and I. Like us, she didn’t understand what had happened to our family. There are even kids a lot worse off than me who have never even met their father.

A dad is there when a child needs someone to talk to, or if they just need some advice. He’s there to play catch in the backyard, and he’s there to watch a late night Cardinals game with, even past bedtime. A dad is always there to support his child, even if he doesn’t agree with the decision they made. With a daughter, dads are overprotective, but definetly not in a bad way; just enough to know that he cares. A dad will even go to the nearest drug store at 1 in the morning to pick up a box of tampons for his daughter. Kids can always count on their dad, and he is a role model to them.

A father is never there, and often not even aware of his child’s accomplishments and goals. Every child deserves something better. They deserve a dad whom they can always depend on. A dad will always be in their child’s life. A dad is a child’s superman. Doesn’t every child deserve a hero?