This I Believe

Chanell - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity, love

Love is not real

Love is not real, this I believe because love makes

you unhappy and it scorns you. I believe that everyone

deserves the right to be happy, but happiness is


I unlike many other people do not believe that in

order to be happy I need to find love because in my

seventeen years of living I have been living without

it. I believe in caring about people. I care about my

mother and father and the rest of my relatives, but I

do not love them. Love is a commercial aspect because

once thought about there is no solid definition of

the word. If there is no explanation of the word then

how am I to know if what I am feeling is love or just

a passable feeling. Everyone deserves a chance to

distinguish the good from the bad in their own way, so

in other words I should be allowed the right to

determine what means what to me. Love is a liar

because the feeling is supposed to lasts forever, yet

forever slips away. I believe everyone should be

told the truth. There should never be a time when I do

not know what is going on. Love lies because it makes

one believe that people are more than what they appear

to be. It does not allow me or anybody else a chance

to see a person for what they really are until after

we have fallen out of love. I do not believe in being

happy, I believe in being in downtime. This is the

time when I feel like nothing is going according to

plan and I am not in a favorable mood. Love makes

people sad and if I have been searching my whole life

for an element that is suppose to bring me undeniable

joy then I expect for it to deliver. Love does not

deliver instead it disappoints me. Why does love leave

people temporarily satisfied? I will tell you why,

because it is not real. According to society and

America we are suppose to love all people, yet we as a

country allow the death penalty to provide justice for

our American citizens. Maybe I am mistaken and there

are many definitions of love that I should apply to a

certain situation. I believe that there should only be

one definition of love that applies to everyone since

the word is universal. I believe that everyone

deserves the right to be happy. I do not believe that

love affords me or anyone else that right.