This I Believe

Sean - kirkwood, Missouri
Entered on May 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports, work

NPR Essay

As one of the great hockey players of all time Basil Mcrae told my hockey team he said, “There is no substitution for hard work boys, you can win hockey games with hard work” before one of the biggest games of my year. When I heard this I really took this to heart, because hard work has always been a big part of my game, and this is why I believe that there is no substitution for hard work.

Hard work has always been apart of my life and my game in hockey. As a goaltender there is nothing more satisfying than when I make a save that no one thought I would make but I do it easily. This is usually a direct effect of hard work on and off the ice. Hard work doesn’t always have to be apart of a sport. Hard work is very important in school. When I work hard in school my grades highly improve. Not only is hard work helping me in school but it also boost my self-esteem. By getting good grades and being great on the ice it makes me feel good about my self, and how I am perceived by the others around me. People look for how hard one works. I know first hand that I’ve gotten spots on hockey teams by my hard work and the slacking of the other goalies that were fighting for the same spot.

Hard work will help me not only in high school but also in college and when I become part of the work force. Being a hard worker I have a better chance to go to the college of my choice. I will be able to get the job that I want. My performance in school and in life will reflect on how hard that I work. If I don’t work hard then I will see that the outcome is not what was intended. As I get older I am glad that my coaches and teachers have pushed me to do the best work I can. By being pushed to do my best in everything I do, it has made me take hard work to heart.

We all need to think about how hard we acutely work because by working hard we will see the benefits in the future. The most important part of being a hard worker is that I wont always see the benefits right away, but when they do come they always a satisfying reward. Our society has been labeled as lazy and if we all worked hard we could show that we are not lazy as a society and are able to do work and do it well. By being a hard worker it will help me with my problems later in life.