This I Believe

Ellie - Boise, Idaho
Entered on May 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

We all have beliefs about a lot of different things. My belief is that gay marriage should be accepted. I have many reasons for my Belief. My belief is coming from my heart and is a big part of my life.

My belief on gay marriage is that it should be accepted world wide. Sure it’s going against religion but a lot of people go against religions. More people notice gay marriage as very bad and disgusting. I don’t believe gay marriage is disgusting or disturbing either. Sure two people of the same sex like each other but they usually don’t show it publicly. Gay people aren’t disturbing at all they aren’t doing any harm to anyone or anything. They don’t act any different accept for that they are attracted to the same sex as themselves. I would know that gay couples don’t act any different because I am a sibling of a gay couple. Not only do I have a sibling that’s gay I have a few friends who are gay and I grew up in Portland Oregon where there are a lot of gay couples. They don’t act any different and they are certainly not disturbing at all, in fact they are a joy to have around. They live together, have kids, and function just like an ordinary family because they are one. I believe that they should get all the benefits that marriage brings and be accepted as a couple and be properly brought into the world of marriage as one. They should also be able to have health insurance and other legal things that are benefits from marriage.

A lot of people don’t accept gay marriage and a lot of people gay people themselves. It’s hard to speak out against the crowd and speak out for the people who are gay, but I do it anyways because I speak what I believe and people can take it or leave it I don’t care what they think of me when I walk away. I think a lot of the time people don’t accept gay couples or marriages simply because a lot of other people don’t. Half of the people have never been around gays so they just assume things. People need to understand gays better and get a chance to see what they’re like.

I believe that gay marriage should be accepted. This is coming from someone who knows and loves a gay couple.