This I Believe

Keely - Boise, Idaho
Entered on May 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Taking Another Step

Everyone has something in their life that puts them “off the edge,” whether it’s what some one does, what the person themselves did, or even some thing strange that doesn’t make sense. The other day I was walking through the halls of my school and I heard some thing that put me “off the edge.” It was some thing that hurt me so much, I could hardly hold back tears; and what’s more is that it wasn’t even about me. The thing that was said was a discrimination against homosexuality. That day, when I got home from school, I remembered what had been said, and it made me think. How could people say such a thing? It boggled and confused me, and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why. I asked my mom and dad, and they just gave me a look, a look telling me that they couldn’t understand either. I decided that if I did some research on the topic, maybe it would help me to understand. I found out many things; things that maybe I’m not sure I was ready to handle. You see to get the bigger picture I looked at facts supporting homosexuality and facts that were against it. Quite a few of the facts broke my heart. I found out about what people had said, or worse yet, done to people who were homosexual. When I read about it all, I couldn’t help but notice the growing lump in my throat. After that, I couldn’t take it any more. It was too much and too hard for me to swallow.

Before all of this happened, I had known about the rising tension against gay marriages. I hadn’t really thought about it and it surprises me now to look back to only a few months ago and find myself in oblivion. Whenever I heard a snide remark, I simply let it role off my back as though it hadn’t even been said. Now, though, I can’t bear to listen to those kinds of remarks. Every time I think about the atrocities that go on, I get just about on the edge of loosing it. Some times it makes me think what those kinds of people do with their lives. Do they spend all their time searching until they find someone to hurt? I don’t think that I could ever live that kind of life. Some day, maybe, I hope that everyone can live a life without deception, without lies, and most of all, without hate. I hope that some day everyone will be able to take another step towards freedom.