This I Believe

Walter - Marshall, Texas
Entered on May 26, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: Christianity

This I believe,all my life I have brrn told if A persons word is no good the the person is no good either.It has cost me A great deal to keep my words true,one time it cost me my brand new truck and I did not have any transportation for A while.but if some one says he will do something then I believe that person should do their best to do what they say.Latly Ive noticed that my beliefs do not follow what every body else is doing but I have to answer for my actions.I believe that when A person get to be president He should keep his word and give our young peoplean example to guide their lives by.Unless I am mistaken when A person becomes president the right hand is placed on A Bible and that person swears to God that he will uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.I would like to see that person at least read that great document to show the public that they know what they are swearing to before they break their word to God and the American people.The Government has been regularly violating my right for the last 6 years for what reasion I do not know and now I hear that Mr Jeferson has the same problem.I have tried to write the Congress to get something done the ACLU and the NRA also didn’t do anything so where do I turn now?I feel like David when he walked out to face Golieth with his little sling but he knew he was right and I know I am right and I want what little freedom that we have left to be here for our grand children,for the one thing I have learned in my life with out freedom life is not worth living.The Good Lord is watching and we the people some of have not realized that we were put here to to find out just what kind of person we are ,and when we go before the Lord in the end I believe we judge ourselves and see if we get to stay with Him or go somewhere else forever.If we are only here for A twinkle of His eye I choose to live in A manner that will allow me to stay with Him for the other would be like living in the United States with out freedom! Having elected officials break their word to God is not A good example to start our young people off on,which is why we live in A world that has no respect or morals. and this is what I believe.