This I Believe

Archester - Sacramento, California
Entered on May 26, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I Believe

I believe in Faith…Faith in GOD, for my eyes have seen the work of mankind.

I have seen greed and animosity, anger, resentment racial hatred and vanity.

I have seen GOD change those things to sharing, caring, love and acceptance and humility.

With my eyes I have witnessed murder, disease and death.

With my ears I have heard lies, deceit, foolishness and bigotry.

In my soul I have beared witness to faith strong enough to know that wrongs will be righted. My faith allows me to know that dis-ease and death can be overcome .I know

that lies are for those that fear truth, I know that only the foolish can be deceived into bigotry.

I have lived thru war and conflict. We have experienced tensions that burned on for years. I have also seen prayers answered as well as lessons learned and forgotten.

Faith allows me to have hope that in my darkest hour that something greater than fate truly exists…There is an arbitrator of Justice and Righteousness and faith gave me that vision to see. If ever I wondered how those that were down trodden rose to capture all of their dreams and to help their fellow brethren there I saw the hand of my Creator…And when I have seen those that have created wealth substance and have secured their place in this world and credit only their own mind and that they were destined because of what and how they did thing’s. I knew then that my creators hand was not there but his presence was and that homage to Him was not offered.

For I know that since the dawn of mankind we have wanted to go our own way…The GOD I know let’s me go, and the GOD I know welcomes me back, if I know the way he has taught me.