This I Believe

Tyler - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on May 25, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: prejudice

I am a 22 year old American. Wait, let me rephrase that, I am a gay 22 year old American. It’s amazing how much that one word can change the meaning of a sentence and in many ways the meaning of who I am.

I met an older woman recently who could have cared less.

My partner of 3 years and I took a much needed vacation to a bed and breakfast on the Georgia coast. I played travel agent and spent weeks researching, debating, and reserving. I can’t imagine paying someone else to do it for me in these days after Google.

I’ve never been too keen on getting surprises but I’ll be the first one to pop up at someone else’s surprise party. I wanted to give Andy a weekend he’d remember and I had just landed a new job; it was time to celebrate!

Never having stayed in a bed and breakfast I thought it would be the perfect setting for this coastal getaway. A crowded motel pool with screaming spring breakers was not what this travel agent had in mind.

After a few hours of searching I found it! A 3 bedroom house built in 1890, a block away from the beach and a lighthouse. I called right away to reserve a room. The owner was a sweet Southern lady who told me quiche and homemade biscuits would be served at 8am sharp. I was sold!

The next day it occurred to me that she didn’t know I was bringing my partner, another man. This was her personal home after all. I started to feel a little uncomfortable.

I went to college in Boulder, CO, a self-described “republic” where closed-minded people are not welcome. I know everywhere is not like Boulder.

So, I decided to call her back and tell her who I was bringing, the last thing I wanted was to show up and be turned away. I braced myself for rejection.

She said to me, and I quote, “honey, anyone and EVERYone is welcome in my home, when you’re here, you’re family, you boys have a safe trip down.”

I believe it’s time to put faith in people.

I can’t be sure I won’t be disappointed by someone tomorrow but life’s no fun when we only expect the worst.

I can be sure that was the best quiche I’ve ever had!