This I Believe

Dakota - Andover, Minnesota
Entered on May 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice

N.P.R. This I Believe!!

I believe that the idea of slavery is absurd! Who would take an innocent person and call it your property, make them work, and beat them? Whoever came up with this idea must have been crazy. Would you like to be taken from your homeland and made work? That, in my opinion, is utterly disgusting and horrifically, outstandingly crazy idea and I hope that the idea of slavery never comes up again.

I read a book about a month ago called Freedom Train. It talked about the exciting and courageous journey of a hero of many people, Harriet Tubman. I also watched a movie, researched, and wrote an essay on the all famous trial of the ship named La Amistad. The way these slaves were treated at the slave fortress appalled me. They were captured by Africans from the coast and then shipped to Cuba where they were illegally sold, given new, Spanish names and put on the ship La Amistad. They finally got out of their shackles after a brave African named Cinque. It was a very inspiring story of who the slaves got free and helped set them and many other slaves free of slavery. They went to court and had a trial. It took a while but in the end they were proven free. I am glad that they were because if they didn’t there could still be slavery today. Enough of what I learned, how about a short story.

I remember one day a while ago, two years to be precise, my dad and I were wrestling and he pinned me on a bed. It was all fun and games but I still got this thought in my mind, this situation is like slavery. One way to get out and it has to be perfect or else you get hurt. If you can’t escape you suffer the consequences of being trapped. There’s only a small chance to escape, break lose of the grip of the suppressor. I was very surprised when I thought that but I remember it. I think that it was just my brain being weird and asking myself odd questions but it brought up a surprising question.

As you can see, I hate slavery and think it’s crazy. If I were alive during the time of slavery I would do anything to stop it and I mean everything. I am just glad that there is no slavery today.