This I Believe

Dan - st. francis, Minnesota
Entered on May 24, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

My Beliefs

I believe that all people should have much more outdoor experience. So I have proposed that we have National Quinze Day. That would be a day set aside for all school kids to build Quinzes. A Quinze is like an igloo except for the way they are made. Quinzes are much warmer. I find them quite a bit easier to make than an igloo and they are made much faster too. they are sturdier too. In the wind, they will only get stronger. Igloo’s are stronger per inch of wall, but they are so much thinner, with temperature changes between night and day, will collapse.

The best way to make a Quinze is to pile snow about four feet high and six feet long and two and a half feet high. You can bake it as big as you want. But keep in mint for about each foot higher, about one inch thicker walls. Than stick sticks or rods or dowels or something about six inches in. Next you excavate or dig or whatever you want to call it in. As soon as you find a stick, stop digging or excavating or whatever in that area. Make sure you excavate and scrap the bottom to the ground or you will slowly angle up and run out of room.

I believe we should do this because it is very fun and good quality exercise. In a nation of growing obesity a holiday that encourages exercise would be very useful. It is much fun building them. This could also inspire many friendly competitions and build friends. It would be very good to have many kids go outside and work. If they find out how much fun it is to play outside, than they might spend more time outside than inside playing video games.