This I Believe

Timothy - Holmesville, Ohio
Entered on May 24, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death, gratitude


I believe in miracles, when all the facts point to one outcome and the unexpected happens. Just recently I have experienced a miracle in my own life. I was given another chance at life. No, I was not raised from the dead, nor was I cured from a deadly disease. It was the evening before Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2005.

My brother, Titus, came home from college in Rode Island. He had invited me over to his house for Papa Johns Pizza and to play X-Box. I was following him to his house. It was snowing violently. There was an inch of paced snow on the rode in no time at all. My brother went around a corner downhill with no trouble. This was my first winter driving, so I started to feel uneasy. So I gently touched my brakes. Instantly I lost control the rear-end of my Ford F-150 truck came around into the oncoming lane. There was a Ford Expedition coming up the hill straight for me. The large maroon Expedition hit me in the middle of the driver side. It felt like I hit a brick wall. My F-150 truck spun around and I dropped off a six foot bank into the left side ditch. I went in-between a large sturdy tree and a new telephone pole.

The impact had knocked the wend out of me. I couldn’t breath. I regained my breathing a little and got out of my truck. I had to use the passenger door and because the driver door was touching my steering wheel. My left side throbbed with pain. When I was out I looked back at my truck and it was bent in like an L shaped, it looked like a pop can that had just got smashed. My window shattered on impact along with the window behind my head. Fortunately I did not get a single scratch. The white van ambulance took me to the Wooster hospital, my bother and dad met me there. The doctor said I was okay, no broken bones and that I would just feel sore for a few weeks. The nurse said I had a very nice chest. I was in the hospital for three hours and then they let me out.

I rode with my brother to his house and we still had Papa Johns Pizza and played X-Box. This is an example of why I believe in miracles. I feel all miracles happen for a reason. I also feel miracles come from a higher bean. Why miracles happen I don’t know but I believe that my miracle was to give me another chance at life.