This I Believe

timothy - wooster, Ohio
Entered on May 24, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature, peace

This I believe

I believe in peace while in nature. I am not sure why, but I always felt peace while in nature. There are many things in nature that feel right as if it has always been there and untouched for centuries, as if we never where here to disturb it. I find it soothing as if I was living in the past with none of the technology we have today. As we wipe out the forests we lose what protects us from our own poison and the poisons from space that we can not restore for a long time to come. Every year we are destroying what we should love and protect but we destroy more then we can protect. Considering we should only destroy what we set aside to destroy and use but no one cares for what their children will have. And they think because they will be gone before the problem grows too big that they shouldn’t care.

Sometimes u can feel the pain and sorrow we cause the places we destroy including mother earth. For those of use who cant feel the earth pain try listening to the song EVERGREEN EVERBLUE by raffi then u will know what we feel when we see nature being ravaged by our people. What will our children have when they get older what kind of future are we leaving them will they survive or will we kill all as we know it. When I am in nature I fell like I belong there and not in our technological world that we live in today. I like the look and feel of nature as it consumes me I feel like I am not human but something else but I am not sure what but it is a great feeling. Finally this I believe in peace while in nature.