This I Believe

Grace - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 24, 2006
Age Group: 65+


I believe in bad hair days. My really bad hair day happened during chemotherapy and following surgery for breast cancer. I remember it well – I was in the shower and without any warning soon there was hair in the tub, all over my wet body and none on my head. I cursed as I cleaned up all the hair but then said – Wait a minute! as I realized that the chemotherapy was effectively killing cancer cells and my hair cells just got in the way. I was starting on the path to remission. Not a bad hair day after all.

After more than a year later, my hair has grown back and it doesn’t always look like I stepped out of a beauty salon. Recently I celebrated my first hair cut, marveled at the curliness (though I am told it will not last), checked out the addition of more graying at the temples (which I do not mind).

I am grateful that my last bad hair day opened my eyes to stop fussing about trivial things like having a hair out of place when all around me are reasons to rejoice – like watching tiny hummingbirds drinking at the feeder on our balcony; the return of my energy that enables me to walk every morning before breakfast as the world awakens with me; the consistent and loving care of my husband during a trying time for him as well.

Having a bad hair day led me to appreciate all the gifts of living, one day at a time. I no longer mind bad hair days. I believe in them!