This I Believe

Entered on May 22, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Why does God let evil exist…

One can’t blame a human for a problem bigger than life. One is born innocent and dies convicted. I often ask what if the Devil were to apologize? Would that be the end, and what of the doom promise of the apocalypse? Surely anger entices men to hate GOD. How easy it is

to deny Divinity and how easy it is to accept the

physical evidence but I tell you that I am a confused young man that sins uncontroleably when it comes to lies and adultery. I can’t stop.

I only find comfort in blaming myself and asking for forgiveness… yet I only have blame.

Have you ever seen Divinity? What of dreams?

The good will live with the evil. Who is in charge of this law and why? Don’t we destroy evil?

This is my conclussion… I believe that there is a

God because I feel him when I do good deeds.

I feel God when things make sense and I blame only God for all the mistakes I make.. I am of God therefore God will have to hate himself for

my evil, but then again I will hever have anything of myself for I belong to Divinity therefore I choose either to be of men or of Divinity… Look at men; clearly the risk is better than the fact.. Don’t stop believing no matter what. We are doom for war and thats the bottom line.. Men die but Ideologies last.

Darwin is dead and so are the primates.

Men rule the church and state, blame yourself and God will pay the tap in the end we come to

conclussions based on laziness we choose theories; Tell Mr. Penn that his theory is not a fact but a lazy excuse to give UP…

As for me I finish this essay as I started confused but atleast neutral to the fact that men are a species and God a government.